We are experiencing extreme volumes and selling out of gifts quickly.  Please have patience with our Design Staff as we continue to shift with supply issues & shortages.

Our next available delivery day is Friday, December 17th.

We are grateful for your continued business support as we work to serve you & valued family & colleagues.

Holiday Message
Update December 1, 2021

Cheers to the holidays! We are in full swing here at The Gift Designers, working diligently to fulfill your holiday wishes. 2021 has proven to be quite an auspicious year and we continue to be astounded by your consistent willingness to give. We encourage our valued guests and community, that as you progress through this holiday season, that we keep the main thing the main thing; that is fostering relationships.

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season with planning and purchasing so much so that we can miss subtle opportunities for connection. Creating those memorable moments, even spontaneously, can have a greater impact than anything we could ever buy or give. Our time is most valuable and precious when shared with loved ones.

As disciples of happiness, support, encouragement and hope we are committed to inspire you. Our gifts, particularly our holiday gifts, are not meant to merely be purchased and given. Throughout the design process we have envisioned the faces of you and your loved ones, enjoying hot chocolate and treats after sledding with the kids, or the joy of building gingerbread houses or a snow globe, baking cookies with mom, or a lovely family breakfast of pancakes with all the fixin’s!

Fostering relationship is the main thing. Look for opportunities to connect!

Since 2002, The Gift Designers has helped both companies and individuals express their sentiments through unique gift services, and we exist to help you make a lasting impression and strengthen your relationships. We provide gifts for personal occasions that express gratitude, love, sympathy, congrats, and more. See our gift selections to find the perfect gift for your recipient.

Our full gift experience takes care of everything! Your gifts are made to order with quality products; includes a card with your personalized message; we coordinate with your recipient for delivery and guarantee that your gift will arrive in perfect form. We also include notification of delivery status along the way.

We, at The Gift Designers, also want to see your business grow through our exclusive corporate gift program. We partner with your business to create meaningful touchpoints for your clients and employees which results in increased loyalty, referrals, and retention.

We are also passionate in our endeavors to empower women and give back to both the local and global community. We do so by partnering with our staff and valued guests to support organizations like Opportunity International as well as local charities.

For more information about The Gift Designers and how we can help you foster relationships, please see our contact page for ways to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you!


About the Owner

About us and Noreen. Why we exist. Who we are.

Noreen Ward, Owner

Since participating in a selective entrepreneurship program as a young adult, Noreen Ward wanted to start her own business. In 2002, the oil and gas business she worked for closed its doors, and she leaped at her friend’s proposition to start up a gift basket company. Within two years, Noreen had bought out the whole business.

Each day in her tiny basement suite, she would roll up her bed (a camping mat) to make room for baskets and inventory. In 2004, TGD was officially online and catered to personal and corporate audiences. Eventually, she moved into a larger home, but when she couldn’t squeeze any more baskets into the bathtub :), she moved the company into an industrial warehouse space (2013).

By 2017, Noreen had grown the business to five employees, including her own in-house courier. She continues to expand the business and aims to become an innovative leader in the gifting industry.


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