To our valued Guests. We are happy to serve you and continue to place high value on keeping our promises! In efforts to avoid disappointment, we are no longer able to offer the quick turnaround delivery by which we are known.

We have been INCREDIBLY blessed with the volume of orders we have received, but recognize the pressure it has put on our valuable Design Team. With these blessings comes the understanding that we are unable to accommodate next-day delivery. The preferred delivery calendar in our checkout will remain accurate and let you know what date we will aim to accommodate.

We are currently serving gift-giving needs for delivery on: Monday, May 17th

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  In light of our current ‘affairs’  (our teammates that are Mother’s now having a priority to reduce hours to help children study at home, as well as situations of close contacts needing to stay home), for the first time in 20 years, we need to modify our delivery offering.

Your generosity, your gifts, your support, are all important to us.
Thanks for your support & understanding during these times.

Who We Are and Why We Exist.
Update March 20, 2020
Our hearts are heavy but our spirits are inspired. We continue to be sensitive about how to show up for you, our valued Guests, your friends & your family.
We are created to be disciples of happiness, support, encouragement & hope and to continue to support you, and work with you as you support others. Our thoughts & prayers are with you, your family & friends, and your businesses.
We are conflicted about promoting our services right now but we fall back on the fact that we’ve always stated that we exist to help you foster relationships. How can we do this now? What support can we be?
These are new days! It’s time to pivot with the change in times.  Each of us has the chance to think differently, live differently, work differently and even relate differently to one another.  My hope is that COVID-19 and the struggle will bring us closer.  My prayer is that we will adjust as a human race and value each other a wee bit more, value life for what it is … PRECIOUS.
Let’s allow COVID-19 to change us!  To change us for the betterment of our world, and our relationships.  What else is the meaning of life if it’s not about relationships!?
At times like this we can be your vehicle to deliver a care package & gift box/basket to someone who is isolating, or give a gift to a family member or coworker that is feeling discouraged, worried & fearful.
We are here to serve you.  Let us help!
We’re just a phone call away to help you 403-201-5021 and from across Canada our Toll Free # is:  1-(877)-49-GIFTS  (44387)


Since 2002, The Gift Designers has been helping companies and individuals express their sentiments through unique gift services and we exist to help you make a lasting impression and strengthen your relationships. We provide gifts for personal occasions that express gratitude, love, sympathy, congrats, and more. See our gift selections to find the perfect gift for your recipient.

Our full gift experience includes a card with your message; made-to-order gift with quality products; delivery arrangements made with the recipient; guaranteed satisfaction that your gift arrives in perfect form; and notifications of delivery status along the way.

The Gift Designers helps businesses grow through corporate gift programs that create meaningful touchpoints with their clients and employees. Therefore, these services result in increased repeat business, referrals, and retention.

We exist to empower women and give back to the local and global community through organizations such as Opportunity International and Women for Women International.

If you would like to know more about us and who we are, please reach out by phone or email and we would love to answer your questions.

About the Owner

About us and Noreen. Why we exist. Who we are.

Noreen Ward, Owner

Since participating in a selective entrepreneurship program as a young adult, Noreen Ward wanted to start her own business. In 2002, the oil and gas business she worked for closed its doors, and she leaped at her friend’s proposition to start up a gift basket company. Within two years, Noreen had bought out the whole business.

Each day in her tiny basement suite, she would roll up her bed (a camping mat) to make room for baskets and inventory. In 2004, TGD was officially online and catered to personal and corporate audiences. Eventually, she moved into a larger home, but when she couldn’t squeeze any more baskets into the bathtub :), she moved the company into an industrial warehouse space (2013).

By 2017, Noreen had grown the business to five employees, including her own in-house courier. She continues to expand the business and aims to become an innovative leader in the gifting industry.

Our Team

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