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Make Your Gifting Decisions Early in 2023!

We all look forward to the holiday season; it is such a special time. The challenge, at least for the corporate world of executives and entrepreneurs, is gifting to clients, colleagues and employees. Be strategic in your process this year by making key corporate gifting decisions in advance. To some, it may seem a bit premature however in our world, it is worth it to consider, at the very least, formulating a plan with which you plan to execute before its too late!

Planning, making decisions and ordering gifts for the winter holiday season is actually a complex process that involves many stakeholders. Some critical steps to corporate gifting include collaborating with stakeholders and neighbouring departments to iron out details like budget, timeline and distribution. Getting ahead start on these plans leaves room for you to be flexible in the key areas mentioned and affords the opportunity for greater personalization. Your ultimate goal is to give in a way that articulates a meaningful touch point that fosters your relationships while creating memorable moments. You will want to give gifts that incorporate your brand and ensure that you stand out. This helps you to both grow and capture loyalty. 

With all that being said, try not to stress about it too much. We, The Gift Designers, are here to help you. We have gotten a head start on our winter holiday planning and so can you.

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