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The Elephant in the Room...

As the frenzy of the winter holiday season approaches, there is no time like the present to address the proverbial elephant in the room. If your business or organization is contemplating the idea of gifting, a key consideration is BUDGET. Managing budget is paramount to your business HOWEVER, frugality in corporate gifting can backfire on you and cause damage to your brand reputation and the relationships that you value. Fostering a culture of frugality may blind decision makers to the fact that their gift choices truly matter and holds significant impact on their intended recipients. 

Cutting corners in corporate gifting will drive purchasers towards cheap gifts that will only hurt brand reputation. According to several articles written recently, an ecommerce giant allegedly scimped on something as basic as refreshments for a company meeting. While the company may have saved on provisions, their team ultimately felt devalued and took to various social media platforms to express as much. We agree that controlling cost is super important, however the example noted articulates how easily taking the frugal approach backfires. Receiving cheap, low-quality gifts will contribute to feelings of resentment toward your business, by employees and clients alike. Unappreciated clients and employees leave in search of businesses and organizations that will value them. 

What we are not saying is blow your budget and spend a fortune on corporate gifting this holiday season. We are however saying that you should approach corporate gifting with thoughtful consideration and strategy. Your goal, as we always say, is to forster relationships by creating memorable moments between you, the giver, and your recipients. We want to partner with you and create a strategy that doesn't break the bank and yet leaves the meaningful impact that you intended.

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