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Just Like That; It's Back to the Grind

It's hard to imagine that summer is basically over already! If you are anything like us, you've tried to cling to the last remaining moments of summer for dear life! Stepping into the fall season can be entirely overwhelming and bring about feelings of anxiety with the anticipation of settling into routine for you and your family. We would like to offer you 4 simple tips to help you get through the start of the season!


Set Goals: The fall season easily benchmarks a the concept of "New" and is filled with opportunities. The best way to motivate yourself and get excited about all that is to come is to set some rock solid goals. Don't complicate things by contemplating long-term vs. short term; just keep it simple. The world is your oyster and you can achieve it all!


Get Organized: Goals cannot be achieved if you do not have a plan in which to accomplish them. So set yourself up for success by articulating the necessary steps that you need to take in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Here at The Gift Designers, we LOVE task lists. There is so much satisfaction in checking an item off of your list and feeling like you have taken a step forward. Try it! You just might agree with us!


Focus on the POSITIVE: DO NOT overwhelm yourself! As you step into the fall season take it one step at a time. At times, it can be hard to have a positive outlook at work after spending so much time with friends and loved ones, enjoying every free moment that you can. Exceptionally true in today's culture, negative thought patterns can easily take over and reign as king in your mind. Be intentional about those thoughts and practice postitive affirmations not only for yourself but your place of work entirely. You know the saying "fake it until you make it"? Well say and think positive things until you believe them!


TREAT YOURSELF!!: Here is the fun part. Listen, there is nothing wrong with celebrating your first full week back at work. You may have balanced acclimating back into a routine work environment along with getting your kids back to school, managing extracurriculars and a slew of other engagements that may have had you spinning. It is indeed an accomplishment so celebrate by doing something that you enjoy. Treat yourself to dinner, a movie, or perhaps one of our stellar Fall-Themed Gift Baskets, filled with treats and goodies for your to enjoy!


Our point here is that the summer holidays have come to a swift end. While those sunny days have made you feel relaxed and refreshed, getting back into the grind can bring about some not-so-great feelings. If you struggle to stay positive and motivated, we are here for you. Remember to be kind to yourself and kind to others!


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