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Smoked Cocktails for Dad

Let’s face it, dads love crafting cocktails and showing off their impressive mixing skills more than they love sipping on one. At least that’s what the many family game nights, family dinners and BBQ parties have taught us. So, it only makes sense to present them with a gift that can help them up their at-home bartending game. And that’s exactly what these cocktail smoking tools do. 

There’s legit nothing more impressive than serving up  a smoking drink. Of course, there is the fact that smoking infuses the drink with aroma making the libation so much more flavourful. But the showing off bit is definitely a big perk.

Plus, there’s plenty to choose from. Board, saucer, kits or all depending on the size of your dad bar and his preference.

The wooden boards offer five different smoke flavours including Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, and Walnut. The Smoking Saucer Set comes with three intriguing flavours of woodchips­— Bourbon Oak, Rum & Maple and Cognac & Cherry. 

Then there are kits that come with drink-specific bitters as well like the Smoked Old Fashioned  Kit and the Smoked Gin & Tonic Kit. Meaning, dad’s classic drinks will never taste “ordinary” again.

Given that some of our fondest memories with the best man in our life are courtesy of our drinks-with-dad nights, it’s not surprising these cocktail smoking kits and boards are topping our Dad’s Day gift list.

- Curiocity "Say Goodbye to Ordinary Cocktails" - 2012

We think this article says it all! We love what Spirits With Smoke Offers and we are so excited to bring them to you this Father's Day! Just might be the perfect gift for your favourite guy!

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