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A Little Sparkle & Joy!

The winter holiday season is all about the sparkle & wonder! After working hard all year long, everything suddenly becomes still, quiet, and magical. For a moment in time, the world engages in the extraordinary act of love. We are merry. We are generous.

A Little Sparkle & Joy Gift Basket embodies the sentiments of the season. With a few indulgent treats and a sparkling beverage to complement celebratory vibes all housed in a stunning decorative tin, this gift hands down has that WOW factor. What makes this gift so special to us is that it is the perfect offering for someone who loves an elegant charcuterie night. We, the team at The Gift Designers, are suckers for bubbles & cheese! 😊 Then there is the chocolate. If you have never indulged in a truffle or know someone who has never indulged in a truffle, YOU MUST INDULGE IN A TRUFFLE!!

Embrace the spirit of giving with The Gift Designers. Whether it is with this gift or any of our others, capitalize on the opportunity to establish a memorable moment and foster the relationships that you value most.  

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