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Dad day!

I’m curious about your Father’s Day traditions. What special activities do you have to mark this significant day? Is there a meal that you enjoy together with your Dad or do you go enjoy a hobby as a family? Does your Dad get the day off or is this just another day where he shows how awesome he is? Do you send a sentimental card or a goofy one? What love language speaks to your Dad? Have you planned out the day already or does your Pops make a bucket list of requests for his holiday?

My experience is that my Dad doesn’t really want much of a fuss over him. Our family enjoys a nice BBQ together and sometimes ends up celebrating at a campground because that’s how my Dad likes to spend his summer. We’re not really about the gushy poetic Father’s Day cards but we do like sharing some of our favorite stories that day. I like getting a gift despite my Dad’s requests for nobody to get him anything. I know time together is his preferred gift so that is a must.

It’s only a couple weeks until Father’s Day so I want you to start planning how you’ll celebrate. Also head to our Social Media pages and get your entry in on our Father’s Day Contest! Post what your Dad cooks best in the comments to be entered.

This contest is locally restricted to Calgary and area and runs

Friday, May 19th through to end of day Tuesday, June 13th, 2023.

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