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Mom does it best
If you haven’t read my blog post about what my Mom does best you need to go check it out now!
The pies are delicious and they’re a bit famous! While the food is fantastic the real trait that makes my Mom stand out is her generosity. She’ll help you out however she can and gives beyond limits that I can fathom some days. It might be pies, or quilts, or lending a hand with your event, sharing her vehicle, or checking in on your house or pets while you’re away. I’ve suggested a number of times that she doesn’t need to make another quilt for that extended family member, or the grandchild of one of her friends, or even friends of friends. She shakes her head and carries on with her projects that are just small representations of her big heart.
I really shouldn’t chastise her for giving so much; heaven knows I benefit regularly from having her in my corner. Just because I don’t always understand her capacity to give doesn’t mean I don’t stand in awe of the way she makes people’s lives better. I hope that, as I observe her and keep practicing, my heart might be almost that big one day.

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