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Back to School

Back to school season is upon us! Depending on what school board your children are part of you will be sending them off to classes in Calgary this week or next. How are you feeling about this shift in seasons?! Are you sad to see the summer months wrap up or ready to have the routine of fall back in place? How are your kids feeling about the return to school? If you’ve read my blogs in the past you know that my full time job is working at a Jr. High School. I describe this part of the year as the start of a marathon. I approach it with anticipation of the many events and tasks ahead of me, a great deal of gratitude to have not one but two jobs that I love, and kind reminders that all of the days won’t feel as long as the first few weeks getting back into the groove!! I know that students come back with a mix of excitement to be reconnected and also a bit of anxiety for the stretching that comes with learning.

Regardless of how ready we are feeling, the September Long Weekend allows us to ease into this transition with a short week back! I’m thinking of all of you parents out there checking off supply lists and trying to stay on top of all the details coming at you!

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