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Be Kind to Yourself Month
August is Be Kind to Yourself month! I’m sure you know at this point that we believe in kindness to everyone but certainly this is rooted in self-care. It can be difficult to demonstrate altruistic care when your own tank is running on empty. So much of life can be defined by busyness and we think the summer is a great time to hit the pause button and relax. Lo and behold we discover it is not just our idea there’s a National focus on wellness in August.
The most beautiful thing about self-care is it is completely customizable. You get to pick the activities that feed your soul! Curl up with a book, go for a float in a nearby lake, hit up a new hiking trail, visit a spa or have your own home spa day, pickup your favourite local coffee, binge your series of choice on your preferred streaming service, try out a new brewery, set out on a road trip, wander a farmer’s market, throw on some music and enjoy your patio, or take a cat nap (no cat required).
This “choose your own adventure” in self-care can be as mellow or adrenaline filled as you’d like. What is important is that you take some time for activities or rest in order to refill your reserves.
We know that our guests are considerate and kind and we hope that you’re also taking time this month for yourself!
 Be sure to watch our YouTube Kindness clip!

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