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As we approach Admin Assistant week we’ve been offering ways to say thank you, suggestions for gifts of gratitude, and plenty of reminders on how to make sure your staff feel appreciated. So much of living a healthy and balanced life starts with caring for your Mental Health. Working on wellness physically requires attention to the state of your emotional and mental wellbeing. How’s your sleep? What’s your stress level? Are you eating well and exercising?
It is so common with the rhythm of life to invest 40 hours per week into your career often sacrificing other disciplines that are foundational to your wellbeing. Working hard is a positive trait and we want to celebrate all the ways that your job makes a difference in this world. Much of a healthy life involves balance. So while the 40 hours is a fairly typical rhythm how are you spending the rest of the hours in your week?
Are you investing time into practices that promote positivity and spiritual health? When you hit the weekend are you able to commit time to rest?
Does your work offer Mental Health Days? Do you take those days off? How do you spend time ensuring that your Mental Health is being cared for?

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