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We’ve hit the first day of Fall here in Calgary. The weather is stunning and the leaves are slowly shifting into their shades of Autumn. Feeling like nature has changed pace it felt appropriate to take the weekend to recalibrate. September comes in fast and furious and leaves me a bit stunned. It has been good to hit pause (or a least slow things down) over the weekend and ready myself for the next couple of weeks. We talk so much about gratitude around here at The Gift Designers and I’m grateful for an encounter with a stranger on my morning walk. This fellow commented on his own need for rest after some overfull work weeks. He affirmed to me that I’m not the only one out there who requires a relaxing weekend and to take time to refocus. So I spent the weekend catching up on some low-key errands, relaxing with family, and taking my pace down a notch with some rest.

How do you reboot? Have you taken a moment to pause and consider what you’ve accomplished this month? Have you caught your breath and readied yourself for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and perhaps an extended weekend break? It’s ok to recalibrate. Take some time for you to absorb the beauty of Fall! Grab a soothing tea or comfort snack, throw on a cozy sweater, and pause for a moment of rest and gratitude.

Encourage rest for a friend with this thoughtful gift.

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