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Hey #gogivers!

Share your #gogiverstories here! Flood the comment section with your stories. Share of acts of kindness, paying it forward, gifts both given and received.

Humans are still awesome and we want to hear all of the amazing stories where someone shared their awesomeness to make another's world just a little bit brighter!!

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anonymous July 04, 2023 01:51 pm

From our 2023 Canada Day Giveaway Winner: “I work with a fella who is from the Philippines and has been working with me for a year. He and his fiancé and family of 9 or so, all flew back for 6 weeks so he could marry his fiancé. He is a good man. Hard working and diligent. I do not know his home life really well, but felt that urge to give your gift away and when i was thinking of to whom???? Jarome face kept popping up. In typical Filipino fashion, he said that he will get me a gift back. I said no no no. I paid it fwd. You pay whatever us on your heart fwd.”

anonymous July 04, 2023 10:55 am

I gifted a kindness box to my little girl. Truthfully sometimes our kids drive us a bit crazy, but she is the most caring and generous little girl. She enjoys going for walks in our neighbourhood and one day she noticed a little girl selling potted flowers (a delightful alternative from the common lemonade stands). Walking by, my daughter had noticed that the girl was sad and it looked like she had not sold anything all day. This stuck with my daughter and so she decided that she was going to by a plant from the girl and gift it to her momma. It's amazing that at such a young age she is able to thoughtfully consider how what she can do to support and uplift the people around her. At the end of the day she says, "Momma, I just don't like to see anyone sad. It made me feel good to see her smile come back!"

anonymous July 04, 2023 10:49 am

Good friends are a luxury! I decided to gift one of my dear friends who has stood by me through thick and thin for years. I love her for the amazing person she is; committed, loyal, dedicated, kind, honest, supportive and caring. There was not a specific event that took place, or a specific reason to give. The fact that she is just an all around joyful, kind person was enough. I have watch how her smile brightens the moods of everyone she comes into contact with and so they very least I could do was offer a small gesture to let her know that she is appreciated!

Anonymous June 20, 2023 01:21 pm

This past weekend I felt compelled to share a few gifts and treats with a dear family who's mother was in palliative care. One of them was for the family and one was for the hospital staff dedicated to her wellness. It doesn't seem enough to help ease the circumstances but the family was grateful. ❤

Anonymous June 15, 2023 04:46 pm

Today I shared a small gift with a sweet mechanic who took time out of his busy schedule to check something over on my car before making a long distance road trip. My regular mechanic was away caring for family in need and he stepped up and made sure I had peace of mind to travel safely. One of the reasons why I continue to support small, local businesses. Very grateful.

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