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Thinking ahead to Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Are you planning your menu? Will it be the traditional turkey dinner or are you celebrating with something different?

Are you already thinking of how you’ll spend your long weekend? Will it be a family walk, board games, a road trip to visit loved ones, or some needed downtime?

 Are you taking a minute to consider who you might invite that doesn’t have a designated family with whom they can enjoy the holiday? Perhaps it is a neighbour, co-worker, a single friend, or a couple whose children are a long distance away and can’t be home for Thanksgiving.

This is the season for gratitude & community, for sharing & connection, and for family, friends & food. If the idea of cooking a massive turkey dinner is too much, remember that it’s not about the traditional meal but bringing people together and expressing thankfulness; Planning a potluck works, sharing appetizers works, ordering in pizza works. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect to be a wonderful celebration of community.

One way that we mark the importance of this holiday is our Thanksgiving Hamper giveaway. We want to make sure that we are always expressing gratitude and supporting people who might be struggling at this time of the year. Keep your eye on our Social Media pages for information about this year’s giveaway.

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