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Why do we do a Thanksgiving Hamper?

The Thanksgiving Hamper giveaway is our biggest and best giveaway of the year. Filled with all the fixings and favourites for an incredible festive feast! Over the years we have had historic 40lb hampers, we have featured Turducken, we have heard stories of great need, we have witnessed generosity and compassion, and through it all we have been overwhelmed with gratitude to continue this tradition.

We at The Gift Designers cherish the role we have in partnering with you in your giving. We feel so honoured to be a part of your thoughtfulness and thankfulness. If you have taken a look at our website, or receive our newsletters, it should come as no surprise to you that we want to be rooted in gratitude, celebrate relationships, and foster giving. This is not just a business model it is a philosophy we believe should be embraced in everyday life. Our Thanksgiving Hamper is one part of our humble efforts to encourage people and provide an opportunity to bless.

This is the last call for you to submit your entry! Head to our Social Media pages and get your entry in before October 4th!

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