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Premium Realtor Package - Closing & Anniv Gift Yr 1/3/5 $179.00
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Custom Greeting Card – Choose Your Theme *

We include a standard postcard size greeting card at no charge, yet for $2 you can pick a themed postcard instead!

Take a peek at the card options here:


The Platinum package is the ‘mother of all’ programs offering a Client gift program for a lifetime, or every year for as long as you would like!  This program is a choice for serious Client relationships. This package includes the management of a closing gift, and a gift at every anniversary for 5 years, 10 years or more, for $249/year PLUS these very special things:

  • Closing gift customization options
  • Automation of anniversary gift program, with your choice of our PRE-DESIGNED THEMES
  • Online email reminder service for occasions and special dates
  • Your choice of reminder service for special dates, phone, email or text reminders
  • Sourcing and storing of promotional items with Just-In-Time Inventory
  • Full client care delivery service
  • Personalized Message Included
  • Tracking of your previous order history
  • Easy payment options
  • Automation of anniversary gift program, with your choice of CUSTOM-DESIGNED THEMES
  • Exclusive Member Welcome Gift
  • For Teams of 3 or more:  Custom Team Website to streamline order process
  • Social Media Mentions (5 per year)
  • 5x $50 Pay-It-Forward Gift Cards (Value of $250)
  • Preferred pricing with our trusted Calgary real estate vendors
  • Special pricing on branded ribbon

The costs of the gifts & delivery are additional to the annual service.

With your subscription to the service, we will email you with the next steps:

  1. Choose your Anniversary Gifts.
  2. Receive the New Client Form to get your upcoming clients started!
  3. Option to enroll your past clients into the program.


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