To our valued Guests. We are happy to serve you and continue to place high value on keeping our promises! In efforts to avoid disappointment, we are no longer able to offer the quick turnaround delivery by which we are known.

We have been INCREDIBLY blessed with the volume of orders we have received, but recognize the pressure it has put on our valuable Design Team. With these blessings comes the understanding that we are unable to accommodate next-day delivery. The preferred delivery calendar in our checkout will remain accurate and let you know what date we will aim to accommodate.

We are currently serving gift-giving needs for delivery on: Monday, May 17th

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  In light of our current ‘affairs’  (our teammates that are Mother’s now having a priority to reduce hours to help children study at home, as well as situations of close contacts needing to stay home), for the first time in 20 years, we need to modify our delivery offering.

Your generosity, your gifts, your support, are all important to us.
Thanks for your support & understanding during these times.

pop by real estate gifts

Do you love the idea of a pop by gift but shudder at the thought of door knocking?  Catching up is vital, but it’s time consuming!  You see it’s value, but you can’t justify the time commitment.

We understand.  We have created a pop by gift program with you in mind.

What is it?

Once, or twice, per year, we pop by your Clients homes and surprise them with a gift from you!  We hang your gift on their door.

How it works?  We help you find the right gift between $10-30 delivered, tag your gift with a card from you, a sticker with your logo and/or custom ribbon, and then our Ambassador pops by your Clients house with your creative and thoughtful gift.

For this program, we have 2 options:

  1. Announced visit.  $14.00 for Delivery
  2. Unannounced visit.  $6.00 for Delivery
  1. Our regular in city delivery fees are $14/location. For this service we call ahead, confirm the address, let your Client know that a delivery is coming from you and then we schedule a delivery within one weeks time.  The key to this option is that we will update you on any changes to the address or clients that we learn.
  2. For $6/location we will simply book your pop bys into the schedule as it is convenient for us based on address you have provided.  We can offer this service at this price as we will simply pool your deliveries in with other days that our Ambassador is in / near the same area.  We commit to complete your gifts within 30 days.

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