Closing & Housewarming Baskets

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  • The Breakfast Club Gift Basket


    A unique breakfast gift containing several items to make a marvelous morning meal. Consider The Breakfast Club 2.0 Gift Basket if your searching for a gift for a family.

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  • Heritage Tea & Treats Gift Basket


    A mix of home decor, tea and sweets making this wicker basket the perfect gift for a housewarming, get well, when someone needs cheering up, or a even birthday!

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  • medium movie night gift basket

    Movie Night Gift Basket, Medium

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    A great gift to say “Welcome to your new home!” or “Happy Birthday” to the folks in your world that love watching movies at home.  It’s a great gift filled with all the essentials for an evening of movie watching.  It is sure to please a single guy/gal or a young family!

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  • movie, snack, candy, treat, family, indulge, game, housewarming, gift basket

    Extreme Movie Night Gift Basket


    This GIANT gift is overflowing with a family game, savoury and sweet snacks, chocolates, and tons of candy. We know this basket will make a lasting impression and keep you in the recipient’s thoughts for weeks and months to come.

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Showing 13–16 of 16 results