The Gift Designers LOVES Local

What does local mean to us?

The Gift Designers, now more than ever, is enthusiastically working to support local companies.

Local to us means focusing on businesses that grow, produce or package products within the province of Alberta.  As a local business ourselves, we want to use the services of as many local vendors as we can, and we want to profile the products of local vendors for the gifts that you choose.

Although we profile products from local companies in nearly all the gifts on our website, this page has been specifically created with a local focus in mind.

We will identify the products that fit this criterion and note that in the content descriptions included with each gift.

We look forward to learning about new locally made products & sharing our local findings with you as you gift to your lucky recipients.

Thank you for supporting us & partnering with us to support other local businesses.

Click to view many of the Alberta Local Vendors we Currently Profile

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Soothing Spa Day – Local Collection


Super Soothing Spa Day – Local Collection


d.lish Delights – Local Collection


Cheers with Beer – Local Collection


Lovely, Local, Wine! – Local Collection


Lovely, Local, Wine! Large – Local Collection


Box of Goodies – Local Collection


Movie Night Small – Local Collection


The Original – Local Collection


The Original 2.0 – Local Collection


The Original 3.0 – Local Collection


Movie Night Medium – Local Collection


Beer Sampling Kit, Pint – Local Collection


Whisky Lover’s – Local Collection


The Moscow Mule – Local Collection


Beer O’Clock – Local Collection


Beer Sampling Kit, Schooner – Local Collection

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