Gifts for Kids

Purchase these on their own and have them delivered in a gift bag, or add these playful ideas to any gift basket you choose!

  • birthday, cake, cake in a mug, happy birthday

    Cake in a Mug Gift


    Make someones birthday special by sending them this sweet treat! Select which flavour you think the recipient of this gift would enjoy the most

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  • Toddler Girl Gift Basket

    Pink Princess Gift Basket


    A pink box full of fun for the little princess you want to celebrate! Be sure to select the approximate age of the lucky receiver of this gift so that we can customize it as best as we can

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  • Together building toys

    Together Building Toys


    A constructive play building toy for Ages 6+.  Each box contains all the parts to fully construct a helicopter or motorcycle

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  • magnificent flying machines

    Magnificent Flying Machines in a Tin


    Ever fancied owning your own fleet of aircraft? – well now you can! Construct three different aircraft models (biplane, seaplane and helicopter) with the wooden kit and instructions provided in the neatly packed Magnificent Flying Machines tin.

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  • pirate ship craft in a tin

    Pirate Ship in a Tin


    Yo-ho-ho the Pirate Ship in a Tin is a barrel load of fun! It’s all hands on deck making the pirate ship ready for exciting adventures in search of treasure with this ace craft kit. Packed to the brim with everything needed to assemble and paint a fantastic wooden pirate ship, plus an eye-patch, treasure map and even pirate stickers – this booty is bound to be a hit with the young scallywags!

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  • Friendship bracelets in a tin

    Make Your Own Friendship Bracelet in a Tin


    Children can enjoy hours of crafting fun creating beautiful bracelets before sharing their colourful handiwork with their best friends.

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  • Gift tin with finger puppet craft set

    Finger Puppet Craft Set in a Tin


    This kit contains all you need to make eight wacky finger puppets – create you own puppet show! At night put them to bed in this handy storage tin.

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  • A castle in a tin

    Castle in a Tin


    Yes, you really can be “King of the Castle” with this wooden model kit, which comes complete with towers, flags, moveable drawbridge, knights, horses, instructions and play mat.

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  • basket ball gift tin for kids

    Basketball in a Tin * 1 left *


    Appealing to a broad spectrum of ages, the quirky Basketball in a Tin is a slam dunk winner! Practice finger shooting hoops with this fantastic basketball game which you can play with friends at home, in the office or just about anywhere you like.

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  • Wagon of Fun Gift Basket *Out of Stock*


    This little red wagon comes loaded with fun things for kids who love to be active and explore! Choose this gift for a young family in your life. It would be perfect for an upcoming day at the beach, or a picnic in the park!

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  • tonka truck gift

    Sandbox Fun Gift Basket


    Celebrate a birthday or welcome a family to a new home!  This gift with a Tonka Truck and sand toys will delight any young one from 2 years and up!  Celebrating a child?  Consider the additional gifts you could include to perfect this gift.

    Using this as a housewarming gift for a family with young children?  Consider adding wine for Dad & Mom!

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  • small movie night gift basket

    Movie Night Gift Basket, Small


    A delightful bundle of goodies for all occasions and suitable for a night of entertainment! Customization Ideas: A Movie Theatre Gift Card, a Brainteaser puzzle, a Birthday cake in a jar, or a beverage of choice!

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