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    Lil’ Box of Treats


    A small white box full of sweet treats!

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  • Jack Daniels Mini Bottle

    Mini Jack Daniels


    50ml bottle of Jack Daniels

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  • Rogers Chocolates A Mountain Bouquet

    Rogers’ Chocolates A Mountain Bouquet


    This 15 piece milk and dark assortment contains a selection of mini creams, truffles, butter caramels and a mini bar.

    Artist: Morgan Warren

    Canadian Artist Morgan Warren  portrays a Calliope Hummingbird and a Swallowtail Butterfly feasting on the nectar of colourful wildflowers, with the majestic Rockies in the background.

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  • Rogers' Chocolates 15 Piece Box

    Rogers’ Chocolates Classic 15 piece Milk Chocolate Assortment

    5.00 out of 5

    Roger’s Chocolates A collection that includes a variety of caramels, truffles, an almond brittle, pecan chew, chocolate covered almond and a hand-wrapped Empress Square.This assortment contains: Victoria cream mini’s, truffles, a brittle and butter caramel.

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  • jar of malt balls

    Jar of Malt Balls!



    Delicious milk chocolate malt balls in a vintage style jar!

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