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Corporate Gift Program

The Gift Designers is the Calgary business community’s secret weapon for building Customer Loyalty & Employee Retention.

Simply put, The Gift Designers acts like another department within your organization, your Customer Loyalty Division, and our agenda is to help you move your Customers up the Loyalty Ladder from what ActionCoach calls “Suspects” to “Raving Fans”.


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How do we help?

We help you build Customer Loyalty by consulting with you related to your unique business needs to help determine the ideal touch points throughout the relationship with your Customers.  We strategize with you to determine the important points of connection and then find the best gifts for the particular occasions identified.  Not only do we design a program for you, we even schedule & implement the delivery of your gifts automatically.  In other words, we are happy to do all the work and make you look great!

Areas of specialty

  1. Gifts
  2. Gift Baskets (both from our selection or customized)
  3. Personalized gifts with your logo private labels (image your logo & tag line on a CattleBoyz sauce or a brand of jelly beans)
  4. Promotional products (along with our very own promotional consultant you can source your very own gifts & giveaways with your logo)
  5. Customized programs from design to delivery (giving your gifts, your way)


Robin Spiers of Robin Spiers & Associates has this to say about seamless gift programs & our support of their Real Estate Team:

At Robin Spiers & Associates we are committed to constantly setting new standards in customer care. We truly value and appreciate our clients and we strive to find creative ways to show them our appreciation. The Gift Designers play an invaluable role in helping us to achieve our goal of ensuring that our clients have a memorable real estate experience. When we call on the Gift Designers, we can count on receiving excellent customer service delivered with warmth and efficiency. Our clients are always delighted with the creative and beautiful baskets they receive.

Businesses that regularly benefit from our key services:

** Professional Real Estate Agents looking to celebrate the purchase or sale of a real estate investment.

** Home Builders keen to make an impression throughout their relationship with home buyers.

** Mortgage Brokers looking to “seal the deal” and/or celebrate the financing of a real estate investment.

 ** Property Managers who want move-in gifts, thank you gifts and promotional giveaways for events.

 ** Professionals in Sales & Marketing that are focused on appreciating customers and their choices.

 ** All Businesses related to Employee Retention & Customer Loyalty that want unique ideas for their particular business needs.