Thanksgiving is such a great time of the year. Every TV special features a family sitting around at the dinner table eating their glorious food, and talking about what they are thankful for. However, actions speak louder than words, so this year, we have 10 ways for you to show your appreciation to your family, friends and even clients.

10 ways to say Thank You this Thanksgiving


  1. Gift them something

    A gift is an easy way to thank someone. It does not have to be something overboard, you could give them something small like a box of chocolates, but do try to make it personal.

  2. Give them an experience

    Sometimes it is better to think outside the box and give something that is a little different. Giving someone an experience is a fun way of saying thank you. Do you know someone who is a sports fan, or is in desperate need of a date night away from the kids? Get them an experience that they will remember forever.

  3. Thank you cards

    A definite way to say thank you is to write a Thank You card. Make it more personal than a standard note though, really acknowledge why you are thanking them.

  4. Take them out for dinner/coffee

    A great way to say thank you is by spending time with that person. Take them out for coffee or dinner and spend time with them. People really appreciate when they feel that a person has put them first by setting time aside for them.

  5. Give extra value for free

    A great way to thank your clients is to give them something extra. Give some value beyond your services to let them know you appreciate them.   

  6. Make them something

    Nothing says thank you more than something homemade. You could bake someone cookies, or a treat for example. Find something that you can easily make that is personal.

  7. Donate on their behalf

    During holidays it is especially top of mind that we are to give. If you wanted to show someone you cared this Thanksgiving, why not donate to a charity on their behalf?

  8. Do something out of the ordinary for them

    Most families tend to share the responsibilities of the house together, however maybe this time you do more tasks so your spouse can sit back and relax. Offer to cook and clean up dinner.

  9. Say thank you

    Lastly, don’t forget to say thank you to them. Yes, this one is a little obvious, but sometimes people forget to just say thank you.  

  10. Enter them for a prize

    Who doesn’t like winning contests? Enter your recipient into a contest.


If you really want to thank someone this year, enter them into our Thanksgiving Draw! Be a #GoGiver and nominate someone deserving to win the Thanksgiving Hamper. See our Post for details on how to enter.

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