I’m not really a fan of resolutions. I don’t know that kicking off the year with a new inspiration or resolve is particularly effective. If I’m honest it seems that resolutions seem to be pretty “me” focused. How can I make myself better, more fit, engage in intensive self-care.  While it is great to revisit your values & goals and perhaps refocus your efforts; I’m challenging myself to make sure my focus is not on myself. 2020 was something else. I found that I was reminded regularly of the massive needs out there – starting in my own neighbourhood and around the world.  

The Gift Designers works hard to recognize and support local businesses. Our local product selection continues to grow and we are so excited to share the gems we discover with you; our guests!! 

If you’ve been watching our newsletter or website over the past handful of months you would know about our Local Charity of the Month. Each month one of our Designers picks a Local Charity for The Gift Designers to highlight and direct online donations. We’d love to hear from you about what Local Charities are near and dear to your heart. It is amazing what we can do together and help to meet some of the needs in our community.  

Send us a message and let us know who you think should be highlighted. Let’s make 2021 a New Year where we look first to how we can give and build others up.  

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

Designer Courtney