We live in a cutthroat society, where the focus is on Me. The Go-Getter is a favoured employee and is willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Not as well-known is the Go-Giver. At The Gift Designers our model is simple; build your business by giving, and see success. If you would like to read for yourself the book that inspired this way of thinking, check out “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg HERE.

Consider the effect relationships have on your business. Have you considered the effect that it could have on your life? There are many times of the year that giving is the focus: Christmas, birthdays, congratulatory moments. These are great times of year to show others you care, yet it is not the only time that you could or should be giving. Consider giving to build your business.

The 5 Laws of Gifting

You’ve got to spend money to make money – why does this work?

One of the biggest known truths in business is that you’ve got to spend money to make money. Many are willing to invest in themselves and their businesses to get their message out and build their brand. Investing in your brand and marketing will help grow your business and bring in new leads. However, how many people are thinking about investing in their relationships?

In giving to your current clients and partners, you are not only investing in those relationships, but you are building your business too. No one man can build an empire alone, and when you invest in others, you receive that investment back.  

Your focus on them keeps their minds on you.

Relationships, even business ones, rely on trust and mutual respect. When people feel they matter more to you than money, they will value the work you do. When you think outside the basket to develop an atmosphere that fosters relationships you create a sense of importance to your clients, family and friends. This act will keep you on their minds.

The perception of your indifference will keep people from coming back to you for business. Break this perception by building a relationship with your clients and give them something of value.

A Sphere of influence is a relationship network.

Don’t neglect your number one tool in lead generation, your network. The best networkers are not collecting names for their pockets, but are focusing on building relationships and giving value in return.

What are you doing to foster your relationships? Focus on providing value and building your relationships to build your sphere of influence.

Be Authentic.

People are skeptical and don’t trust anyone “selling” something. Combat the uncertainty by being authentic and real. Make sure that you are connecting sincerely through your actions and words. When you genuinely care, you will get further than if you have ulterior motives.

Check out this vlog by Darren Hardy on the importance of being authentic. Take a look HERE to watch this video.

Be willing to receive as well.

Giving is cyclical. What you give will return to you, which is why investing money in your company works in the first place. When the return comes, you must be ready and willing to receive it, or you will keep your business from thriving.

The laws of giving are important to consider when fostering your client relationships. Don’t build your business with Go-Getters. Build your business with Go-Givers. Check out our website Here to gift to others and be a Go-Giver.