Where do we even begin? If you really want to know and you do your research, you will come to find that candy was made out of dried honey and formed into a taffy-like substance to satiate the sweet tooth of cave men. Then there was the discovery of sugarcane dated back about 3000 years in India, which was used to produce brown sugar. From as far back as 2000 BC varying forms of candy began to emerge around the world.

So with that brief history, we can easily conclude that our desire for “something sweet” was simply not derived on our own. It is so very likely, that we are all predisposed to sweet temptation in some form or another. But let’s stop and take a moment to appreciate the joy that candy does bring.

A good piece of candy, or maybe even something familiar, can invoke pleasurable memories of joyful times, especially from your childhood. For some its Pop Rocks or Gobstoppers, while for others its Gold Mine Bubble Gum or Double Bubble (for the comics inside of course!). Whatever the fix, one taste can take us back to simpler times. Some studies have shown that a little candy indulgence has a positive impact on your mood and can even lower stress!

So whether you love candy because of the memories or because it brings you calm on a day where you are highly stressed, today is a day to celebrate the joy and pleasure of all that is CANDY!!

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