No matter what industry you’re involved in, there’s an administrative side to your business operations. Where would your company be without your admin assistant’s support? Great administrative assistants are sounding boards, counsellors, personal shoppersdesigners, mind readers, editors, finance managers, and life coaches.  Admins can shift and morph into the roles they need to be in order to make their boss and, ultimately, the company successful. 

Administrative assistants make life smoother by keeping the work world organized. Your administrative assistant is often the hub of the workplace connecting staff, keeping you informed, and being your first representative to both clients and vendors. Everyone has their strengths. While you might be skilled in marketing, sales, or policies often your administrative assistant fills the gaps and offsets your weaknesses. Your business first impression can be linked to the experience clients and vendors have with your admin assistant.  

Administrative Professionals’ day is on April 28th. 

Here are 5 ways you can honour all of your Admin Assistant’s hard work:  

1 – Say Thanks – in person, by email or a hand written note 

2 – Take Them to Lunch – this is another way to express your appreciation. Just remember that this lunch isn’t an opportunity to talk about work! 

We might need to get creative with Lunch these days :).  Perhaps send them lunch using DoorDash or SkiptheDishes and catch up on FaceTime or Zoom!

3 – Buy Them a Gift – a gift that is thoughtful and meaningful speaks volumes.  

4 – Give Them an Afternoon or an Extra Day Off – who doesn’t like some extra time to pursue personal activities 

5 – Praise Them Publicly – perhaps affirmation and gratitude is a regular habit but public praise can be a special honour and gives other staff an opportunity to say thank you as well. 

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