Acknowledge Milestones

Show you appreciate your employees by acknowledging their milestones. 53% of employees in one study said they would stay longer at their jobs if they were shown appreciation. Celebrate your employees for both work and personal milestones, and they will feel valued and recognized. Have you considered what you will do for birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays? Here are a couple of ideas to help think about your employees’ success beyond the work they do.

Birthday Cake Milestones


How are you celebrating? At The Gift Designers, we celebrate with cake, a gift and a card to celebrate our teammates.

Anniversaries and Milestones

Work anniversaries

We like to celebrate work anniversaries here at The Gift Designers. With many employees, systems to organize the data will be beneficial. Look into automated programs that will remind you of this milestone is coming up and to send the gifts out for you so you don’t forget to appreciate your employees.

Get some ideas on employee gifts at our Corporate Gifting Page HERE.

Seasonal Gifting

Christmas is one of the most popular times of year to gift and appreciate your employees. However, don’t forget about the other holidays that you can show your appreciation. Think about sending gifts during non-peak times as well to keep your employees feeling valued. Not every holiday, but times when it shows more thought.