When a new baby arrives, the first thing that often comes to people’s minds is “I need to get something cute and adorable for the baby!” But when mom is opening her seventh pink, ruffly, fluffy dress and other duplicated items on her registry, smiling big and mumbling yet another “Thank you so much, this is so unique and beautiful”, how does that make you feel?

How about trimming down your budget for baby and including a small gift or two for the mom, dad or sibling? That extra bit of thoughtfulness can go a long way in showing your love for the whole family!

Ways to Give to Mom:

Besides your typical flowers, cards and balloons, wouldn’t it be nice to pick out a gift that is more useful to mom? She just spent the last nine months carrying a child, and just endured perhaps the most physically intense pain she has ever experienced. She’s a superhero, and could use a little TLC! Here’s a few things to think about when gifting to the new mama:

  • Pamper her with bath items, lotions, candles, comfy slippers, and anything to make her world more comfortable and relaxing.
  • Bring her some baked goods, chocolates, andhealthy snack items that she is able to eat while breastfeeding, and that you know she will enjoy. If you have more time, cook her a meal and divide it into freezable containers so she can have easy dinners on hand.
  • Ask her what she needs. Maybe she didn’t get everything she needed on her registry or shopping list. Are there any little things you can pick up for her, like a pacifier or replacement pump pieces?
  • Give her a keepsake type gift. A birth date embroidery, baby handprint keepsake, or ornament. Something sentimental that she can personalize and keep for years to come.
  • Take pictures and get them developed and framed. It’s so easy for the new parent to take photos on their smartphones, but how often will they actually have time to get those photos printed and hang it on the nursery wall? Go one step further and hang the pictures for them!

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Ways to Give to Dad:

You can’t give a new dad more hours of sleep, but you can give him thoughtful items that will make his middle-of-the-night waking hours more enjoyable:

  • Create a new dad survival kit. You can include a masculine diaper bag with basic necessities (i.e. diapers, wipes, burp blankets, pacifiers, hand sanitizer, etc), his favourite caffeinated drinks and snacks, ear plugs, a set of headphones for him to listen to his laptop or tunes while the baby is sleeping, and travel-sized board games/puzzles.
  • Babies don’t come with a manual, unfortunately! But there are dad-specific parenting books out there. Helpful and funny ones too!
  • If you’re visiting him at the hospital, bring him a handy bag of quarters for the vending machine!
  • Give him some beer with his favourite snacks so that he can kick back and relax for an episode on Netflix.
  • Create a couple CD playlists for him: one with sweet lullabies for the nursery at bedtime, and one with fun dance music for when dad wants to rock out with baby in the living room!

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Ways to Give to the Older Sibling:

When a child become a big brother or sister, they can have a hard time adjusting to the new family dynamic and no longer being the center of attention. Every parent wants their child to feel as involved as possible and to reassure them of their love when bringing a new baby home. Here’s how you can help celebrate their time of becoming a big brother/sister:

  • For gifts at the hospital, find ones that can be opened and played with. Toys, puzzles and games that are hands-on and are easy to travel with. And then spend some time playing with them!
  • Find an “I’m a big kid” kind of gift: a baby doll so they can practice holding and caring for the new baby, a big sister book and paraphernalia, a mini suitcase, a “grown up” looking outfit, sunglasses, even a disposable or inexpensive digital camera.
  • Start a scrapbook with pictures of them and mom/dad as they were babies, and save space to add new photos of their journey together as a new brother or sister. This is an awesome way to get them involved in the changes that the family is going through!
  • Offer to take them out for an afternoon/evening, and go to the zoo, or a local attraction that you know they will love (this gives mom a bit of a break too!).
  • If you’re not sure, remember you can always ask the parents for ideas!

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– The Gift Designers Team