Happy New Year?!!

Back to Work has a different feel this year. For so many of us it means the first time working physically next to co-workers, and not through a screen, since March 2020! In my working hours away from The Gift Designers I work at a Jr. High School. Much of my life feels like each year starts in September and not January. I look at the calendar much like a school student would – with a heightened sense of “new year” each fall. Back to School promises new groups, new activities, and many lessons ahead for students. I hope that Back to Work holds these same opportunities for staff no matter what your industry. We’ve put some Back to Work gift packages together both in personal sized gifts as well as shareable office gifts. Our August contest will go live on August 27th! I encourage you to keep your eyes on our Social Media accounts so that you have a chance to win an Office Shareable gift. This is our way of making the return to work a bit sweeter and to send best wishes and welcome Back to Work(ing in person)!

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