‘Tis the season for creating the most incredible and magical moments. Decorating gingerbread houses with the kiddos in your life is definitely one of the best. We can be so creative with the icing, the candies, even the gingerbread itself. The best part is watching the faces of our precious kids light up with excitement as they sneak the small candies, or maybe when you sneak one yourself! But how did this become a beloved family tradition?

Decorating gingerbread houses dates back to the early 1800s in Germany and was inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel. Fair enough, and of course, those brilliant German bakers cultivated the concept and brought it to the delight that is enjoyed all over the world today. There is reference of gingerbread by Shakespeare in Love’s Labour’s Lost, and early comedy.  Gingerbread men and women can often be credited to the court of Queen Elizbeth I, where cookies and biscuits were made to replicate the image of her important guests. As the evolution of gingerbread grew across the world, it became a prominent staple in Christmas markets everywhere, marking the pinnacle of holiday traditions.

It is apparent that gingerbread making has become quite a competitive achievement. In 2013, you could find the largest gingerbread house anywhere in Texas. Then in 2017 a record was broken for the “largest gingerbread village” created by a hotel sous-chef in New York. Competitions have been held and records have been broken all around the world. People are passionate about gingerbread!

Here at TGD, the excitement of making gingerbread houses is not something that we want you to miss out on this holiday season. So of course, we have created a lovely gift basket to inspire the sentiment for you and your loved ones. As Sunday will mark National Gingerbread House Day, perhaps take some time this weekend to build one of your own. Gingerbread house building and decorating is indiscriminate of age and is meant for fun to be had by all!