Planning to give at Christmas time? Bah Humbug!

With over 16 years of gift giving experience at The Gift Designers, we’d like you to consider the reasons why giving at Christmas for your company may not be the ideal time to express your sentiments. No, we’re not being a Scrooge! We just want to look after you and do our best to help your company make the biggest impact possible with your marketing budget.

The fact of the matter is that EVERYONE gives at Christmas time. How can you expect to make an impression and have your gift stand out from the rest if everyone is bombarded by gifts at the same time every year?

Picture this all-too-common scenario:

It is one week before Christmas. The reception and staff rooms are filled with chocolate boxes, fruit trays, nut trays, poinsettias, flowers, gift baskets and candies. Gifts keep pouring in from the courier, cluttering the reception desk, and the receptionist herself is not too thrilled to receive yet another chocolate item. She adds your thoughtfully handwritten card to the pile of cards being collected on the corner of her desk. She takes your gift and places it with the rest. There is so much to go around that no one remembers who brought which gift item!

In your generosity and thoughtfulness, was this the gift welcome that you were hoping to receive?

Why does your company give gifts during the holiday season and what are you wanting to achieve?

Does giving during this season help you make an impact and be remembered?

We have witnessed this exact situation too many times. This is why we highly recommend that you choose a different date to express your gratitude. Perhaps during these times:

  • In January, when the season of indulgence is over, pockets are empty, and smiles are lacking.
  • Thanksgiving – an obvious season to express your thankfulness towards your clients.
  • Or, pick a season that is meaningful to you or your company.Maybe when it is your company’s anniversary, or a milestone date.
  • Did you know that there is a national Client Appreciation Day? You can even think outside the box and declare a date of your own to be your personal client appreciation day!

Whatever date you choose, do something within a time frame that will not only have an element of surprise, but will shock your clients from the “norm” and set you apart from the rest.

Here is a note that one of our customers received when they chose NOT to give during the holiday season:

“Thanks so much for the generous box of cheese, fruit and snacks. It is fair to say that your reputation has just gone up considerably (not that it was down… just less known amongst some of our 30 designers and architects). Looking forward to the next project.”

But, if you absolutely MUST give at Christmas time, follow these tips:

  • Do some research into who is the best person to be the recipient of the basket; send it to someone specific, not the office in general.
  • Check to make sure that the person is allowed to receive gifts.
  • Include an element that is customized to your company, such as a ribbon or card. Make the gift different; help it stand out amongst the crowd.

Timing is everything. Make the most of your marketing dollars, set yourself apart from the swarms of gifts during the holidays and continue to build your brand.

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When do you think is the ideal time to give gifts? Feel free to comment below!

– The Gift Designers Team