Perhaps being a man is pretty spectacular. From Lego to Nerf guns to video games, men can play and not be judged. Men are afforded the luxury of simple logic where everything in the world is deemed “black or white”: there are no grey areas. Provided they are consistent with taking care of their bodies, men tend to age like fine wine. Some will even don such a magnificent head of greys that they become the coveted and affectionately admired “Silver Fox”. Men can live in the utter bliss of simplicity, so much so that we, women, can often take them for granted.

Men are human and have emotions. Just like every woman on the planet, men want to be valued and appreciated. We love men for so many reasons. They are protectors, providers, loving fathers, goofy brothers, and the favorite uncles. Men fix things, offer such incredible comfort with a shoulder to cry on, hold profound wisdom, and might grill you a good steak!

November 19th is a day to celebrate men as it officially marks International Men’s Day. The entire month of November has been marked to bring awareness to the needs of the men in our world through amazing initiatives like Movember. November also acknowledges the invaluable contributions that men make as role models and leaders.

We challenge you to choose a man in your life and show them extra love and appreciation. Of course TGD can help you 😉 Inevitably the point here is to be intentional in our affections towards our guys. Who knows what the impact could be?

Cheers to all the great men!!

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