In my International travels over the years I’ve witnessed firsthand that Canadians are welcomed guests worldwide. Canadians have a reputation of being polite, laid back, friendly, and ready to have a good time. I adore hearing about people’s Canadian adventures when I’m away from home!

When I think about being a Canadian I tend to focus on the perks of enjoying the natural beauty of our country. It is easy for me to envision hiking in the mountains, paddling a kayak, or just taking in the splendor of nature from a drive in the comfort of my car. Living in the Foothills of Alberta means that I can step out my door into a spectacular outdoor playground 12 months of the year.

Beyond what I see as perks I wanted to get some perspectives on what it’s like to be Canadian from a variety of viewpoints. 

As we celebrate our country’s birthday here are 7 highlights from Canadians over the age of 70 

sharing their gratitude about being Canadian. 

  1.      I enjoyed travelling and am grateful that I was able to visit and see the diversity of each Province and Territory
  2.     Canadians are kind neighbours who are willing to lend a hand.  
  3.     I am proud of Canada’s peaceful and peacekeeping reputation. 
  4.     I am thankful for Canadian athletes and sports teams and the bond of cheering for your country. 
  5.     Maple syrup, Beavertails, Montreal Bagels, Canadian Bacon, Ketchup chips, and Tim Hortons!!
  6.     The unlimited opportunities Canadians have for growth. 
  7.     While there are plenty of wonderful places to visit in this world; Canada feels like home. 


What about you!? Do you call Canada home?

Have you visited this incredibly country?

What are your favourite Canadian destinations?