At The Gift Designers we tried to narrow down how to best show our love for our dads. What activities would be preferred? What gifts would be on their wish list?  


We quickly realized a common theme that many of our dads tend to value time over gifts. For some that was going out for a meal, having family over, catching a game, running errands together, enjoying a round of golf, helping out with a renovation project, playing a board game, or even throwing on a movie.  

While some dads are quick to share and chat others need to be coaxed into conversation. We’ve included this link to get you started so that you can get to know your dad a bit better!

Go spend some time with your dad this Father’s Day!  

We’ve got plenty of gifts to celebrate your awesome dad and want to remind you to enter our Father’s Day contest through Facebook and Instagram before June 14th for your chance to win an incredible gift.