Be honest. You’ve missed the days of extra western flair and country spirit that the Stampede brings out in Calgary! The Stampede has fun for everyone and, after a year off, I’m sure many of us are experiencing a bit of withdrawal from The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.  

With the year that we’ve had it is a bit of a shock to the system to be diving back into any event let alone an event of this magnitude. So we encourage you to celebrate Stampede and Summer at your own pace. Whether you’re ready for the rodeo and rides, or going to host a Stampede event at home, we are cheering as you crank up the country tunes, pull out your boots, and dust off your cowboy hat.  

The spirit of the Stampede season is one of community pride, a celebration of heritage, and time to share joy with your loved ones. We hope that this year’s summer kickoff will be extra sweet no matter how you choose to observe it.