How can you engage on a personal level with your clients (as much as it’s appropriate for your industry)?  Relate to them based on their world – your buyer is a real person, with real interests, and real stuff going on just like all the rest of us.  Be genuine, be interested, be kind, and include some ‘critical non-essentials’ that start buying you loyalty past the professional level.

So many business imaginations run dry on this one after just trying one thing – give them money or a discount for more of our stuff. There are so many other ways to win customer loyalty by making deeper deposits in the emotional bank account. For example, consider:

  • The personal trainer who shows up on a rainy Saturday to cheer on their client in their first marathon
  • Insurance agent who sends an air freshener with the paperwork when a client gets a new car
  • The interior designers who gifts pre-made meals to clients under-going a renovation
  • The contractor who takes the time to clean EVERY window on the exterior of your house, after just building a small sun deck
  • The wedding photographer who picks you up for your consult in a limo stocked with champagne

All the above are completely NON-ESSENTIAL to the service being provided, yet CRITICAL to deepening the relationship, hitting emotion, and achieving customer loyalty.

About the Author

Contributed by Jarrod Stanton, ActionCOACH Business Coaching, Calgary, AB. Interested in having a free consult with Jarrod on how he has helped The Gift Designers? Contact us and we will personally introduce you to him!