Not just in your ‘moments of truth’ when they are really counting on you; most people step up in these instances.  Be reliable all the time. No matter how small or routine a customer account may start to seem, treat it like it’s the most important thing in the world to you. Nothing can deflate a customer’s loyalty like feeling that they can’t really rely on you.

What can you do to step up your trust factor?

Our company has an online offer of receiving $25 coupon off your next online purchase if you email us using a specific web form. This past summer, we received a request for this and emailed the guest who inquired about the coupon to give her the code.  She emailed back stating that she had already placed an order.  We immediately replied and promised that we would apply the coupon code even though it was after her order was placed.

Here was her response and her review on Google:

I ordered online for a speedy delivery to my brother.  I ended up purchasing even though I was having trouble entering a coupon code.   The following day, The Gift Designers emailed me the correct code and I was dejected, since I had already purchased (at full price).  The Gift Designers applied the coupon code to the purchase (reducing the price) and still delivered on the scheduled delivery day! Now THAT is CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Nicely done….very nicely done!


At The Gift Designers, we work hard to be a trustworthy brand that people can rely on.  Building that reputation means being reliable in more than a good product or service; it means offering people a relationship.  Our guests are valuable to us and they are not a mere number.

So, to increase reliability, ask yourself, “What action can I take today that will increase trust because I am reliable?”

– The Gift Designers Team