Customer Retention

You have to invite your guests/clients to do business with you time and time again. Make it easy for them to shop and buy, and ensure they experience:

  • Easy access to information
  • Quick intake or order process
  • Incentives and/or frequent buyer programs
  • Frequent communication from you

It’s easy to reflect on all the ways being an ‘order-taker’ can hurt organizations in the area of sales, but few stop to think that being an order taker is actually making them less of a great service provider as well. And less service means significantly less chance of repeat business and customer retention, let alone have them ‘begging for more.’

Remember what Henry Ford said: “If I would have asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse!” Our customers deserve to be aware of all our offerings and product/service lines. Some simple ways to move away from being an order taker to solution provider include:

  • Have a “If this then that” list for every product or service in the company, and make sure the customer receives your consultation or recommendation of what goes well with what, etc.
  • Invite your customers to try your new product lines/services
  • Have scripted point of sale questions
  • Invite the customers to complete post sale surveys indicating potential future needs
  • Care!

– The Gift Designers Team