Employees are unarguably the core of a successful company. Recognition plays a big role in employee satisfaction levels, which leads to personal growth, retention, and increased productivity and engagement. In fact, one of the main reasons why employees leave their jobs is because they feel under-appreciated!
How do you foster an environment of positive affirmation and regular recognition?

Here are 5 tips to consider:

1. Notice their awesomeness.

It’s always easier to notice what employees can improve on versus what they are doing well. Challenge yourself to pay attention to their strengths, efforts, and the specific skills they shine in. What have they been improving in?What are the natural abilities they bring to their position? Also, take note of their personal lives – their passions, birthdays, other talents, and successes outside of their job.

2. Acknowledge the individual.

A high-five, “great job” call-out, or even little thank-you note goes a long way. Brag about them on your website, or social media, and post a picture of them as “Employee of the Week”. Highlight them at a meeting. Even ask your employees how they want to be recognized! Recognize them in the moment, and often.

3. Encourage peer-to-peer praise.

Create a program that fosters peer recognition. Something along the lines of when an employee gives a “You’re awesome because…” card, that person gets entered to win a gift card draw. Or offer an award that recognizes the value of peers helping other peers. You can get even more creative and attach a physical item to an individual, like giving a red superhero cape for an employee to wear for the day when they do something amazing!

4. Celebrate WINS.

At The Gift Designers, we give our team members a chance to share their own successes at weekly meetings, whether big or small.You can give the opportunity for employees to publicly recognize other’s successes as well. This brings the individual’s hard work to the attention of the entire team, and you can make it a fun ritual!

5. Give a little every so often.

Hand out a small gift card, take a teammate out for lunch, set up a sundae bar, put chocolates/snacks out once a week, send around a birthday card for everyone to sign, or have a pizza party once in a while! It doesn’t have to break the bank, and little unexpected gifts go a long way.

Setting up a work environment that encourages employee recognition doesn’t need to be difficult. Little steps taken every day will make a big difference. Remember to have fun and get creative; enthusiasm is contagious!

Do you have any unique ways of showing employee appreciation? Comment below!

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– The Gift Designers Team