We’ve all heard about ‘under promise, over deliver’, but do you actually do it?  How much time do you spend thinking about this and the possible ways to make this standard practice in your company? If you exceed expectations, your customers will want to re-invest again and again, and likely have a bunch of referrals in tow!

One of the keys to ensure your customers keep coming back is to always give value and to do more than what is expected. Think about your most recent experience with a company when you were blown away by their performance and/or service. What is it they did that was exceeding expectations? What was the impression it made? What did you say or do afterwards?

For example: One of the things I absolutely LOVE about my dentist is the automatic massage chair and warm blanket that I get to use while I sit “clenching” the chair in nervousness. They’ve recorded what I like and have it ready for me each and every time I visit their clinic. This may now be normal behavior at many clinics, but the very first time it happened to me, I was SOLD and told everyone about it.

Noreen Ward

Exceeding expectations is the means by which value is created, items get sold, and customer retention is achieved. You can exceed expectations in price, quality or service and possibly all three — but you must understand what it really means to exceed expectations before you can actually do it. Ultimately ask yourself, “What can I make a standard practice that will delight my customers?”

– The Gift Designers Team