How fitting to have a day devoted to love followed by a day committed to celebrating family. Everyone requires affection, understanding, feeling of belonging and love. Families offer an important foundation in life because they provide us with support, security, love, laughter, understanding, and a sense of community. 

Our family can see the rawest, unedited version of who we are and keep accepting us and encouraging us to grow. Home is both a place and an understanding that you can find refuge with people who love you as you are.  

Gratitude can take a number of different shapes: 

  • Sentimental note 
  • Funny card 
  • Favorite drink or treat 
  • Print out pictures or put together a digital photo album 
  • Social media tribute 
  • Spend a special day together 
  • Meaningful gifts 
  • A phone call without distractions 

Whether your family is by blood or by bond may you celebrate your people and take time to be a blessing to them.  


Our Family Day giveaway is being announced this Friday, February 12th!

Keep an eye on our Social Media sites for more information on how to qualify for this gift basket.

The winner will be announced Tuesday, February 16th!


Happy Family Day from Courtney on behalf of everyone at The Gift Designers!