foster a giving culture

Do you ever look around and feel like your interactions with others seem cold and distant? The world seems to have moved away from the care of others, to the care of self. Do you miss friendly conversations with your neighbours or coworkers? Are you tired of seeing the negative around you and want to make a change? Then we salute you!

One of the most important steps in changing your environment is to put effort into changing it. Many businesses have fostered and supported a culture that ends up as their identity and even builds their brand. Have you heard of Zappos (check them out HERE)? They have developed a culture that lavishly spends on their employees and invests in the company morale. Check out this VIDEO from PBS that takes a look at what this business model is doing for this company. Your business culture grows from your behaviours and views; develop it by fostering your character and living it in all aspects of your life.

A Business Culture Comes from You

Culture is not something you can build or create, it is something that is fostered based on personal character & behaviours. Character and behaviour can drive your culture for the better or worse. However, you can control your environment with actions to foster the culture you want.

Do Something

Your business should not focus on the almighty dollar, but the people working with you. One way to cultivate your culture is to focus on others and do something for them. You can do many different things that will put others first; small gestures in your day can mean a lot. The culture you build should come from your character, so build off the small things you do daily to make a bigger impact long term.

Give Something

Many use gifts to build relationships; specifically, gifting to build client and employee relationships. As John Ruhlin says in his book, Giftology, “make someone feel special and acknowledged by gifting them with ‘practical luxuries’.” When you show generosity you are showing people you care. People will notice. There is a reaction in humans to give when we have been given to. You can give in small ways that will have a big impact. Small gifts will foster your culture.

Say Something

Don’t underestimate the power that positive words can have on people. Something even as simple as an acknowledgement of good work can be monumental for the people around you. It is important to encourage people and acknowledge their work, and it will help build your working relationships. When people feel noticed and appreciated, it builds their confidence and they will want to work with you and work in that culture. The things you say can be small but have an impact.

Invest Something

When we talk about investing, we are talking about your time. Your business is driven not by money or the best product, it is driven by people. Those people are your greatest assets, and you need to invest in them. Learn to invest time in people daily; listen to what they have to say, spend time outside of work and even invest training in areas where they need extra help to show coworkers and employees that they are important to you and the company. If they feel important to you, you will become important to them.

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Developing culture is more than just doing something occasionally, it requires consistently working towards building better connections with people. Changing your perspective takes time and effort; making things routine and consistent will build this culture for you. If you make actions habitual and part of your lifestyle you are more likely to maintain them and foster the culture you want.

Your Culture is Your Brand – Build It Right

Overall, a giving culture is about building the relationships in your life and feeding into them. You are building a brand, image and way of life for your business. Don’t let your brand just follow the world views, make it different and stand out.

Your culture is what your brand will live by. Make it count and create yourself a Giving Culture. Let us help you build your giving culture today and see the difference.