We had the privilege to sit down with the team at Action Edge and share a little bit about our solutions for client retention and loyalty. The focus in that interview was on our unique Client for Life Program. It is one of our first database-driven programs, however, it is not the first gifting program we offered.

Here are some of our services that help you foster your customer relationships.

Tools to Foster Your Relationships

Tools and Programs Available

Client for Life

The Client for Life Program is our first database program geared for realtors and mortgage brokers who have a specific need to run gifting based on client lifecycles. If you are a realtor or mortgage broker looking for a system for your specific industry, take a look HERE, or give us a call for more details.  

If you want to read the interview conducted by Action Edge Business Consulting, check out the link HERE.

Customized Gifting Programs

At The Gift Designers, our focus is to help you build & foster relationships. Above all, your relationships are our priority. Whether you are a realtor, home builder or small business owner we help you build gifting programs that fit with your needs and your business. Many businesses come to us looking for a way to increase their current results related to customer retention. Together we strategize to create a gifting program that uniquely fits their business, which runs with little to no effort by them. Do you have a specific niche that you would like to reach out to or need some fresh ideas on ways to reach your current database? Give us a call and book your consultation, or check out our Corporate Gifts Program HERE

Referral Programs

A common problem that our customers face is how to build a good referral strategy. Acknowledging the people who have given you a good word or sent business your way is a strong strategy for loyalty, repeat business & referrals. Therefore, when our guests come to us looking for ways to express gratitude to those who have sent them referrals, we are delighted to show them our referral gift selection and ways that they can set systems in place to build their business. If you are interested in seeing what we have to offer, take a look at our Corporate Gift Baskets Page HERE.

Reminder Services

Another tool we have is a reminder service. This online reminder service is perfect for those who have a hard time tracking birthdays, anniversaries and other yearly events. Utilizing this free tool will provide the reminders you need to help you stay on top of important dates, and in turn strengthen your relationships. If you are in need of help with scheduling and remembering important dates check out this free service HERE.

Customized Websites

We offer corporate or team websites that help narrow down the gift selection to items only preselected by the company.  The site also offers unique shipping methods, customized pricing strategies, monthly billing, and more. If this is something your company could use, feel free to connect with us to find out more.

Services Available

Free Consultations

Many of our services are not simple one-basket-fits-all services. As we’ve mentioned, we are in the business of fostering relationships. Consequently, this means that no one relationship requires the same tools. That is why we have conversations with our guests, and we welcome them to ask questions to ensure that the programs we are offering will fit their needs. To get this conversation started, we offer free consults to allow you to get a look inside the system and see how it could work for your business.

We have many ways to sign up for a consultation:

  • For a Client for Life consult, click HERE
  • For a corporate program click HERE
  • Or, please Call us to book an appointment!  (403) 201-5021 

Branded Promotional Products

Who doesn’t like SWAG? Any business person knows the importance of getting your brand in the hands of your customers and leads. A popular way of getting your brand in their hands is by using branded products. Review our online gift catalogue of promotional products HERE

Other Resources and Habits to Develop

Maintain Your Database

It is vital to cultivate relationships with your customers who have already used your services. Past customers are the easiest audience to target and do business with again. Other than the services that we offer at The Gift Designers, a good Database System or CRM is crucial. A CRM will help you organize & maintain your communication efforts with ease and results. One of the unique features about the Client for Life Program through The Gift Designers is that we maintain an anniversary database for you. 

Habits to Develop

Lastly, habits are important for maintaining a good relationship. A good habit to develop is to record data as you go to keep the information current.  Tracking new customers, contact details, likes/dislikes, family names, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Maintaining the information of your customers, and keeping it current, is crucial.

We know that our services are not for everyone, as you may have systems in place already or feel you these strategies are not for their business. However, if you have need of our services, we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call.