Crisis doesn’t create character; it reveals it.” Denis Leary 

With overflowing hearts we share a few of our experiences of how our guests have celebrated in these times of uncertainty. These stories have bolstered and encouraged us and refreshed our vision of giving! In times of crisis these people have been giving in a BIG way!  We’ve all been impacted by plans being highjacked over the past few months but we are cheering for the ways these guests have gone above and beyond to make the most of the situation. Through their giving they’ve created memorable moments for their clients! 

Virtual Retirement Party! 

Bring on the bubbles and party treats! We designed gifts for a corporation’s board and staff members to enhance an online retirement party. We love that everyone was able to celebrate and honour this co-worker together! 

Party on! 

Group events being cancelled was not stopping this Oil Broker. We put together 133 gifts in corporate colours that featured Local Beer, chips, salsa, and snacks. This guest hand delivered each gift in order to have a face to face doorstep visit with each of their clients. What an incredible way to make their clients feel appreciated and connected! 

Graduation Fanfare! 

Graduation ceremonies are milestone events and we were able to put together gifts for newly graduated Doctors in lieu of a grad party. Disappointment turned to delight with this gift to commemorate such a significant moment! 

Gifts to Stay Connected! 

We sent out 100 beer and snack boxes to real estate agents throughout Alberta for a Commercial property manager. These gifts were personalized with company colours. What an awesome way to overcome distancing and stay connected! 


 #GoGivers is our motto! We celebrate, support, and partner with guests daily to demonstrate gratitude, sympathy, and generosity. This crisis has reinforced in us the beauty of being a blessing to others and celebrating in times of uncertainty. 

Interested in creating gifts for your clients? We excel at helping our guests foster relationships with just one gift or many. Reach out to us by phone to discuss your unique occasion & needs!