We have so many great offers and contests throughout the year but our Thanksgiving Hamper stands out as a favourite!! You’d think that making all of these gift baskets would blur together but the Thanksgiving Hamper is a different caliber. We could talk about how massive it is…because it is spectacularly large…think lift with your legs or with the help of a buddy! It’s also full of some pretty amazing items – a Turkey, thanksgiving fixings, dessert, and so many festive treats.

 However the true reason this gift stands out to us as a Team, is that we have had FUN working with you to care for those you love during the Thanksgiving season! We love giving to someone who could really use a fall pick me up! We are all about gratitude! Thankfulness and giving go hand in hand and we adore being a part of your acts of appreciation.  

Go to our social media pages and nominate a Calgarian whom you would like to see receive this year’s Thanksgiving Hamper. The giveaway runs until October 4th so get your nominations in now!  

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