Created in 2004 by the late chef Dr. Bill Gallagher, International Chef’s Day was established to celebrate chefs all over the world who have worked hard to bring us the most memorable and delicious moments. Can you think of a time when you have gone to a restaurant and had the most extraordinary experience? Or how many times has a restaurant been the set atmosphere of celebration for some of the most significantly joyful moments in your life? Or even think of milestones: your graduation, your wedding, and even in the despair of an untimely passing of a loved one. A chef has always been there and if the event in itself was a complete blur, whether good or bad, we always remember the food.

In 2020, the celebration of this profession was thwarted by unprecedented times. This year, as celebrations and awareness gradually resume, this day intends to bring awareness to the importance of keeping both ourselves and each other healthy by making wise choices and being mindful of sustainability and the environment.

While we are certainly not chefs at TGD, we do have the health and wellness of our guests in mind, but we also honour the processes and practices that are regarded in any chef’s kitchen. Our gifts containing food are creatively considered and carefully curated to provided you with a “gourmet experience” for you and your loved ones while ALL of our gifts aim to foster and strengthen your relationships.

And so, for October 20, 2021 we want to celebrate chefs around the world and thank them, not only for working to refine and develop our palettes, but for inspiring us to create and hold onto so many beautifully memorable moments!