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The Gift Designers exists to be a blessing and to partner with you, our Guests, in spreading encouragement, bringing joy, and giving in order to foster & build relationships. We truly believe that life is precious and that one of our primary purposes is to give and in our giving we aim to grow hope.

It seems we are all catching up on this new reality of Social Distancing and trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As we redefine behaviours in so many areas of life it can be a bit overwhelming to contemplate and practise isolation.

Our Commitment

We at The Gift Designers wanted to affirm our commitment to both our Staff and you, our Guests. Be assured that we value each and every one of you. During this wild and uncertain time we will continue to put the health & safety of our Team, their families, and our guests as our top priority. Please follow this link to see the full details of how we have enhanced our protective measures at The Gift Designers.

One measure we have introduced is our Doorstep Delivery program. Through this program you can reach out to those in isolation to share some hope and encouragement without risk to your recipient. Let’s use this time of uncertainty to send love and build people up. Phone the people you care about, video chat to stay connected, be a positive force, and give to those who are feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

Our Isolation Gift Ideas

Here are our gift ideas specifically designed to bring hope and joy to those on your hearts and minds.