hosting client events

The first day of summer is three days away. Now is the time for hosting client events. Have you started planning your client appreciation events yet? Hopefully, you have, and you’re ready to go. If not, see our blog on planning your client event HERE.

Client events are a great way to reconnect. Although we all love a good party, use these events to build your relationships.  You can’t fast track relationships, so implement a multi-step strategy. Here are some reasons why you should be spreading your touch points throughout the year.

6 Things that Happen When You Spread Out Your Touchpoints

You Play the Long Game

Have you heard the phrase, “Go Big or Go Home”? Many think this is the best strategy for building relationships. However, your client retention strategy will go further with smaller, more frequent touch points. Building relationships is a long game and using multiple touchpoints will help build stronger relationships.

Keeps THEM from Getting Lost in The Crowd

People look forward to annual events. At events, you have the opportunity to reconnect with your clients. Use this connection as one touch point and build off of it further. The best strategy uses smaller touch points, spread over time to foster and strengthen those relationships.

Keeps YOU from Getting Lost in The Crowd

A one-time event is a great way to get your client’s thinking about you; but how long will that last? A day? A week? Then life happens, and they aren’t thinking about you anymore, they are distracted by everything else going on. Stay top of mind by showing up in their lives on multiple occasions. Send them a small gift, pop by to see them or send an email as a small way to stay top of mind.

Shows You Think About Them Too

You do what you can to stay top of mind for your clients. However, do they feel you are thinking about them? Events are a great place to reconnect and build on your relationships. However, those reconnections don’t get a personal touch. Build your touch point strategy with occasions and opportunities to show you think of your recipients on a more frequent basis.

You become a serial #GoGiver

Giving to other people feels good; especially when they acknowledge the gift and appreciate the sentiment. Giving is more of a reward than receiving, and this is something that can help motivate you to maintain those relationships.

The Act of Paying it Forward

Building your client relationships is a strong strategy for building your repeat and referral business. Our instinct when we receive is to turn around and give. When you give something to your clients on a long-term basis, you will see the results coming back.

When you gift or reach out with a long-term strategy, you are creating an environment that will build deeper relationships with your clients. It will only result in growing your brand image and reach when you use all the different tools available, not just a “go big or go home” approach. Reach out to us and find out how you can create a multi-touch strategy for your clients.