What item is there in the world that personifies decadence more than chocolate? Besides the fact that chocolate reacts with your body to produce the mood-elevating substance serotonin in your brain, it’s the taste that does it for most of us. We’re not talking about chocolate bars, but rather real chocolate. Chocolate that offers its own distinctive flavors, textures, and aromas, allowing for an appreciation of the wealth of variety that can be created from the fruits of the Cacao tree.

So how does one appreciate and savour the beauty of chocolate? Start with the look of it, which should be smooth and glossy. Then take in the aroma; chocolate comprised of the highest quality cocoa beans can hold floral, fruity, nutty, spicy, sweet, woody, and even grassy notes. Finally, snap off a piece, place it in your mouth and allow it to begin to melt over your tongue. As you chew, the chocolate will release a second level of flavours and aromas, triggering all four of your taste zones.

Well that is great TGD, but how do I make the most of a chocolate experience? Did you know that chocolate pairs well with a host of food and beverage items? That is why we have taken the time to carefully select the most delectable chocolates that show up in our baskets. From our in-house packaged D.Lish delights to local and world-renowned chocolatiers, we want you to have the most indulgent experience in the bliss that is chocolate!